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Semnarea actului prin care a luat fiinta Societatea Mixta romano-italiana Rifil S.r.l - 24 aprilie 1973 Rifil's history:
1973, 24 April - It was officially signed the contract that founded in Savinesti,
the Romanian-Italian joint-venture, RIFIL Ltd, for a period of validity of 16 years.
The partners were: C.I.F.S. Savinesti (Centrala Industriala de Fibre Sintetice Savinesti)
represented by Mr. Valeriu Momanu as General Manager and Romalfa Biella - Italy
represented by Mr. Emilio Falco and Mr. Giacomo Verzoletto.
On 24th of April it was issued the Decree No. 254, signed by the President of
State Council, which sealed the foundation of RIFIL Ltd.
RIFIL was the first production company with foreign capital established in Romania
after 1945 and the first one among the countries of the Warsow Pact.
1975, January - Started the production of acrylic yarns high bulk with Melana fibre
produced in Romania.
1976-1988 - In the contract between partners, RIFIL was obliged to export all its
production, only to obtain the payment in convertible currencies. RIFIL exported
to markets belonging to Mediterranean area, north Europe, United States and
Middle East. During these years were made an increase of productivity with new investments to reach
a better quality and to enter in new markets.
1989, 31 May - The contract came to its end and the agenda item of the General Meeting was: the company's
. In spite of all the proposals made by the Italian partner, the Romanian authorities didn't accept
the company to continue the activity, induced production stoppage and started the formalities for liquidation.
1989, December - The communism fell in Romania.
1990, 15 January - At the express invitation of the Romanian authorities, the Minister of Chemical Industry,
Mr. Gheorghe Caranfil met Mr. Emilio Falco and Mr. Giacomo Verzoletto in order to stop the liquidation procedure
and restart the production.
1990, 1 February - RIFIL restarted the activity.
1990-1993 - Outstanding investments were made, the results being the increase of production and productivity,
improvement of spinning and dyeing processes and a better quality of yarns.
1993, 29 May - Celebration of 20 years since RIFIL has been established.
A large number of participants was present then: employees and closed
friends, local authorities from Piatra Neamt and Biella, and government
officials of both countries, Romania and Italy.
1996, October - RIFIL Ltd became RIFIL SA.
1997-1999 - The new technologies introduced both in the spinning-mill and
in the dye-house allowed to start the production of acrylic yarns blended
with wool and blended with cotton.
2002 - It was created the Pronto Service delivery system for 100% acrylic yarns.
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